"Pearson Canada has been using Drumlin to provide content in a wide variety of ways to suit specific customer needs. The solutions Drumlin provides have allowed us to customize our solutions and offer customers a great user experience and deliver the solution very fast. Drumlin has become one of our primary content delivery tools. We have worked closely with the Drumlin team and have had amazing support and customer service; they are a pleasure to work with and have been very helpful in building solutions that support our customers." Jeff Adams, Senior Director Product and Digital, Pearson Canada Pearson Canada  
"We at Boson Software have used Drumlin Security to provide our secure digital document delivery solution for quite a few years. It is always a tough balance to maintain the security of our Intellectual Property and at the same time, provide a good user experience for our customers. The Drumlin team have helped us achieve this. We began with the Javelin offline secure PDF reader and are now excited to add Drumlin Online web document delivery to our product offerings. The Drumlin team have always been on-point when we had a question or challenge and without exception got us going in the right direction. An excellent product cannot be excellent without the team behind it, and Drumlin excels at both. Thanks Drumlin team, you have helped us achieve and exceed our digital document publishing goals. We look forward to a long and bright future ahead!"John Oden, Director of Development, Boson Software LLC, USA Boson  
"I was talking with a former VP of digital strategies for a multi-$billion publisher over the weekend. I was very glad to be able to brag about my multi-platform, high res, quick to market, cost effective digital solution! It never ceases to amaze me how corporations can find ways to make things 1000x more complicated and expensive than they need to be. I'm really glad to have found Drumlin several years ago when we first started out ... you have saved us boat loads of money!". Jeff Lindblade, Managing Partner, Naper Publishing Naper  
"We have been very happy with the Webdoxx product for our Standards document that is used by staff in hospitals and institutions throughout Australia, and your customer service has been second to none!" Wendy Rowland, Executive Officer, Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN), www.acorn.org.au Acorn  
"We have been using the Drumlin solution for many years and we are extremely pleased with Drumlin’s service. They have always been very quick to respond to our questions and provided excellent support. At one stage, we needed a solution that was not yet available. Drumlin proactively proposed a customised solution and built it for us within one month. Their speed, professionalism and responsiveness are unmatched. Drumlin gives us the peace of mind knowing we can totally depend on them to be there when we need support. We will recommend Drumlin to anyone who is looking for a DRM solution!”, Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO, EPI Group of Companies EPI  
"We have been using Drumlin for both our eBooks and for our hosting our JCM journal online for our subscribers. We are very happy with the services that Drumlin provides, and they have been very helpful in enabling us to address hosting these digital products while keeping them in a secure environment. Mike and Nick are always extremely helpful, friendly and professional, and always respond to any emails and enquiries very quickly with solutions. We would highly recommend Drumlin for any online or digital services." Charlene Paine, Digital Products Manager, Balance Healthcare Group BHC  
"I have a very small publishing firm specializing in mathematics books. After years of refusing to provide ebooks because of fears of piracy, I finally signed up with Drumlin in May 2017. I am very glad I did so. Customer service has been amazing. When a customer needs a code reauthorized, or I need new codes, I get a response in minutes. I couldn't be happier." Barbara Burke Hubbard, Matrix Editions (matrixeditions.com), USA Matrix  
"We are very satisfied with your services. It is a big improvement to our printed books. We like the clear differentiation between the Browser E-Book and our normal E-Book. This makes it easier to position the printed version and the E-Book". Marcus Widner, Wings Lernmedien, Switzerland Wings  
"I appreciate the work you've done and the support you provide. Using your products I have a comfortable sense of confidence--borne out by years of communicating with you--that if we run into a problem here, I can depend on you to provide prompt, specific, knowledgeable answers. As you know, product support is fully half of (or sometimes even more than half of?) the value of any software product, and your support is the best." Mark Wildorf, Flagship Technologies, Inc., USA Flagship  
"Drumlin Security's Javelin PDF reader has given a boost to our newspaper subscriptions. For over 10 years, we emailed out regular pdf versions of the weekly Marshall Islands Journal. Over that period, we heard more and more people were sharing the Journal Online with friends, with no revenue coming to us. Drumlin's Javelin PDF reader has solved that: People simply can't forward the Journal on … so more people have subscribed. Plus, we love the people at Drumlin Security because Customer Service is fabulous. We are in the middle of the Pacific, they are 12 hours away in England… no worries … we have often communicated in their evening and our morning. Well done Drumlin people! We are enjoying our partnership with you." Giff Johnson, Editor, Marshall Islands Journal Marshall Islands Journal  
"The team at Drumlin deliver the DRM goods for us, and then some: their fast, personalized service is legendary. We publish East Asian medical, osteopathy, and bodywork textbooks for an international market. Drumlin's code system protects our Shopify-based eBook business, while their Javelin Readers are effective, easy-to-navigate apps. We particularly love Javelin's Catalog, which gives users near-instant access to the entire collection. Lastly, they continually innovate and improve, something we appreciate in an unpredictable marketplace. Drumlin's DRM enabled the fastest-growing segment of our business, earning our enthusiastic endorsement. Kudos! "John O'Connor, President, Eastland Press, USA Eastland Press  
"I thought I would just take few seconds to send you this email to tell you that I really appreciate your DRM solution with the Bundle Service with 1000 codes. I currently have an eBook for sale on the DPD e-commerce solution. So far, the eBook activation's are going perfectly and the encrypted PDF is doing a great job in term of security. Thanks a lot for the great work." Dominique Madier, FEA Academy, Canada Matrix  
"Since 2013, Drumlin has done an excellent job handling both secure PDF distribution and sales transactions for PicJur. Drumlin's "Managed Services" package makes selling PDFs on the Web easy and affordable. The Javelin PDF reader is free and user-friendly, while Drumlin's customer support is excellent. I highly recommend Drumlin to anyone who wants to sell PDFs on the Web. " Todd Feldman, Founder, PicJur, USA PicJur  
"EduBooks es una pequeña editorial dedicada a la publicación de manuales técnicos. Nuestro principal producto son manuales en formato electrónico. En nuestro caso la publicación de ebooks conlleva varios desafíos: el formato, la seguridad, la accesibilidad. Un tiempo atrás nuestro viejo proveedor del servicio nos comunicó repentinamente que deja de operar y discontinuaba el servicio. En Drumlim encontramos una respuesta rápida, consistente y satisfactoria que nos permitió resolver el problema del cierre del servicio anterior y brindar una prestación mejorada a nuestros lectores. La calidad del producto es la mejor, la seguridad la necesaria y la accesibilidad una de las más amplias del mercado. A esto debemos sumarle una atención personalizada y un tiempo de respuesta excelente, combinación muy difícil de conseguir. En Drumlim encontramos lo que buscábamos y necesitábamos, y más" Adriana Cisneros, Edubooks, Argentina Edubooks  
Amazing new features for excellent copyright protection - It was the best decision I've ever made since running my business is to subscribe to this service and have the chance to enjoy these amazing features. Special thanks to Dr. Mike for his amazing devotion and prompt response for any technical issues, answering any questions even if were silly, no wonder why this service is developing very fast! Dr. Mahmoud Alammary, ONE SHOT MRCGP Courses Dr Elammary  
“We have been using Drumlin for almost two years now as a secure distribution platform for course material. Our students love it – they find the system very user friendly, and having the notes on a tablet lets us take advantage of features like in-document hyperlinks that make navigation a breeze. We have found Drumlin’s Windows and Android applications to be streamlined, easy to use and robust. The customer service is excellent – in fact, the Drumlin team typically respond to our emails within the hour and have always gone the extra mile when answering our queries. They’ve been very accommodating when it comes to ad-hoc requests – in some cases we requested specific software features which they added to the next version of the app within days. They were even kind enough to get our custom-branded android app on the Google Play Store over the course of a weekend when we requested it on short notice. In short, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle-free way of securely distributing PDFs and controlling access for their users.”, Inġ. Luke Formosa, Academy147 Ltd academy147  
"We researched extensively the options for securing our PDFs and found the Drumlin solution both affordable and effective. The icing on the cake has been the support we have received - nothing short of outstanding." Adrian Hunt, Director, Management Pocketbooks, UK Management Pocketbooks  
„Wir nutzen das Drumlin Verschlüsselungssystem für mehrere Loseblattsammlungen, deren weltweiter Versand in gedruckter Form aufgrund des Gewichts zu teuer wäre. Mit der Unterstützung von Drumlin können die Druckvorlagen dieser Loseblattsammlungen als verschlüsselter PDF-Download angeboten werden. Der Kunde bestellt in unserem Online-Shop eine Lizenz mit Freischaltungscode, mit dem er die Loseblattsammlungen auf dem eigenen Drucker sofort und selbst ausdrucken kann. Es fallen dadurch keine Versandkosten und Lieferzeiten an. Das Lizenzmanagement und die Nutzungskontrolle übernimmt Drumlin. Wir können uns ganz auf Redaktion und Vertrieb fokussieren. Wir möchten aus der jahrelangen Zusammenarbeit den außergewöhnlich guten und persönlichen Support hervorheben. Obwohl wir kein großer Kunde sind, werden wir First Class behandelt.“ Kolibri  
"Drumlin is the perfect solution for our secure document requirements. Much of the documentation we supply to our clients is highly proprietary, and Drumlin delivers for our security and non-duplication needs. Additionally, it is very easy to use (both for ourselves and for our clients, some of whom are technically challenged) and seamless for our operations, not to mention extremely cost-effective. We can’t offer more praise or a higher recommendation." Jeff Vanderpool - Managing Director, Suites Consulting Group LLC, USA Suites Consulting  
"Drumlin Security Ltd hat für und mit uns eine hervorragende Lösung entwickelt, welche genau unseren Wünschen und Anforderungen entspricht. Während des komplexen Entwicklungsprozesses hat sich Drumlin Security Ltd in jeder Hinsicht als ein zuverlässiger und vertrauensvoller Partner erwiesen." Daniel Gygax, CEO, Taxbooks GmbH, Switzerland Taxbooks  
"When Adobe Document Center closed down it left a serious hole in our work flow. I searched for a long time and trialled many different services until finally settling on Drumlin. It’s the only solution I found which offers a flexible service with all the functions we require at a reasonable price - this is exactly what we needed with our relatively low volume of document processing. When they added support for Macs and iPads, it became even more valuable to us. The level of support has been outstanding. I’m happy to recommend Drumlin to other users." Ryan Hornby, Director, Catalyst Global Limited Catalyst  
"Drumlin Security is very easy to work with, provides a terrific product and is quick to respond to questions. I highly recommend their services!" Don LaSota, LaSota Racing, USA LaSota  
"I selected the Drumlin system following a long search and had several good reasons for doing so. Chief among these is the ability to utilize complex graphics, especially high-resolution photos. This is thanks to use of Adobe Acrobat pdf files as the foundation. My pictorial books were otherwise out of the running for commercially available ebooks featuring robust DRM, and all of my books retain exactly the formatting values I can build in to pdf presentation. Of course, having a robust DRM is key factor. Ease of set-up for new files is important, as is the fact that the software is free and that the learning curve is short. Drumlin is receptive to adding new features based on customer demand; I asked for bookmarks, and the bookmark feature became available in a few days! Another vital feature gives me complete control over assigning activation codes direct to my customers. All in all, I'm happy with the choice and I plan to make continued use of the Drumlin system as the stand-alone ebook reading system available to my customers." Eric Hammel, Publisher, Pacifica Military History Pacifica  
"We, at North South Foundation, were looking at various options to protect our documents, not just with password, but also to make sure that the files dont get forwarded. I looked at several products and finally landed here. Drumlin Security does exactly what is needed, password protection, limiting the number of authorized users, secure printing and expiry date for the documents. The price is reasonable, but we being a non-profit approached Drumlin for discounts and guess what, they also showed their best philanthropic side. We are now recommending you to all our patrons." N Jayaraman, North South Foundation (US/India Educational Charity) NorthSouth  
"Se trata de un sistema de protecciòn con grandes prestaciones, seguro, confiable y con buen servicio al cliente..." Gabriel Moncayo CEO, Aqualimpia Engineering, Germany/South America AquaLimpia