Location: Australia
Document type: Medical Standards Documents
Requirement: Easily accessible structured document, for Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Libraries and Individual Users, Hosted on our WEBDOXX service, Publisher-managed user registration including IPadddress access control and embedded document, Managed service delivery
Location: Switzerland
Document type: Microsoft Office teaching material for vocational training and colleges
Requirement: To add an additional value to our printed books, their content is also accessible in the Web browser. To avoid having to register, each book comes with a unique code which serves both as username and password. The material also includes videos, hosted on vimeo and integrated with iframes on WEBDOXX. The conversion of the books are carried out in-house using the PDF2HTML5 service, then uploaded to the WEBDOXX services. Wings also create and manage the codes (about 20,000/year)
Location: N America
Document type: 100s of School books for K12 classes and teachers materials
Requirement: providing access to books for tens of thousands of schoolchildren across Canada, plus a number of Global deliveries of materials, Managed service on dedicated server

Pearson Ed Canada
Location: China (HK)
Document type: Government Training Documents
Requirement: Easily accessible documents, 3 main User Groups (one for each publication), Hosted on our WEBDOXX service, Publisher-managed user registration, Simple list-based access, Chinese language documents and links, Managed service
Location: N America
Document type: Scientific Manuals - Large US Letter format technical manuals 100s or 1000s of pages)
Requirement: providing access to several very large technical manuals with navigation tools for corporate clients, separate user group for each document, Publisher-managed user registration (users registered and assigned to specific User groups), access provided as private links provided to clients, Managed service

Location: Republic of Ireland
Document type: Engineering textbook for schools and colleges
Requirement: Hosting of 274-page e-book for teachers and students, with over 3 hours of videos available for classroom and student use, plus quiz materials, posters and more; Publisher managed on our WEBDOXX service
Location: Africa
Document type: Market information monthly reports - 100+ page Powerpoint-generated Slide presentations
Requirement: Web-based access for around 20 market reports issued each month for 100s of end users in multiple organizations. Retention of historic reports for a limited period, access via web browsers for registered users with allocated User group membership, Publisher managed

Location: UK
Document type: Secondary Schools teaching materials - Quick Guide sheets with Video links
Requirement: providing expertly produced teaching materials for teachers and students in a range of Science-based subjects, with multiple video links to external sources. Printed copies of material are provided directly to teachers, but not to students or parents. Two main User groups (Teachers and Students). Associated materials provided on publisher's own website, Publisher managed
Thinkie: Science GSCE

Location: UK
Document type: Management education books - 100+ A5/half US Letter PDFs of 100-200 pages
Requirement: Providing access to a library of 100+ Management education books. Large-scale corporate access with dedicated (branded) access index pages for specific corporate licensees. List and catalog-style index pages. Guest access for those evaluating the service, Publisher managed
Location: Canada
Document type: Product Catalogs in English and French - Color product catalogs
Requirement: Magazine-style display of product catalogs for dealers around the world, in French and English, plus dealer lists and related non-sensitive materials. Access via direct links on managed service Corporate website, Managed service
Location: Global
Document type: Student courseware - A4/US letter and Powerpoint-generated PDF files
Requirement: Provision of student courseware on a global basis, directly via the publisher and indirectly via their licensed distributors. Central management with bespoke page template with diagonal watermark identifying end users and toolbar "Print request" icon for customers requiring printed versions of materials. Designed to support thousands of users, Centralized management of users and third parties, with tracking and reporting, Publisher managed

Location: New Zealand
Document type: Owner's and Workshop Manuals for 300+ car models
Requirement: Hosting of large number of lengthy documents, provided to car buyers and distributors (purchasable documents), Publisher managed